If you are looking for Bag Making Machines along with advices on accessorial systems, complete plant layout, and most importantly – Fair Prices!;  you have just come at the perfect platform.

We provide a very specific range of Soft Packaging Machinery backed with high class third-party testing agency which ensures a proper BV Test.

We have more than 5 years of experience of selling Soft Packaging Machinery  to End-Customers, Distributor, international importers and suppliers and have very faithfully fulfilled our promise of entertaining. Our customers give us very good feedback from delivery to after-sales service.Your satisfaction is our Purpose!

Jiashanghe Bag Making Machines – Products Variety

In order to master a field, you have to keep the field limited. Perhaps that is the only reason we have been selling only 3 main types of Bag Making Machinesand thus we have gifted our utmost attention to every client’s requests, queries and problems.

All these machines come in different forms according to users’ needs and desires utterly backed with high class end-user agreements, after-sales services and majorly an all-year round availability of wearable parts of Bag Making Machines which ensure unstuck and smooth working along with extremely high efficiency.

These 3 main types of Bag Making Machines are:

  •  Plastic Bag Making Machine – Packaging Machinery

A very Easy-to-operate and High production efficient 10KW (Kilo Watts) superior quality plastic bag making machine solely engineering to make shopping  bags, food bags, gifts and present bags.

Depending upon the types of materials, we have different Bag making machines available which vary in terms of sizes, shapes and usage. You may refer to our homepage to get the specifics about all these Plastic Bag Making Machines and understand which suits you the best.

Plastic Bag Making Machines Features & Specifications:

*Features may vary with respect to machinery model

  • Equipped with photocell
  • Automatic and Rapid paper feeding
  • Automatic Gluing
  • Automatic Creasing
  • Automatic Bottom-Sticking
  • Bag Formatting at single stroke

Please refer to our main product description of this machine for more insight.

  • Bag Making Machines – Non Woven Packaging Machinery:

A super-easy to operate and equipped with an LCD Touch Screen Operation supported Non-woven bag making machine, this machine is none less than an artificial-intelligent super robot.

Our Non-Woven Bag Making Machines are especially engineered to process all varieties of specifications like non-woven bags, 3D Bags (In which sense they are also 3D Bag Making Machines), rope bags, Vest Pockets, Flat pocket bags etc.

Non-Woven Bag Making Machines Features & Specifications:

*Features may vary with respect to machinery model

  • Progressive Length Determination
  • Automatic Feeding
  • Photoelectric Tracking
  • Automatic Positioning
  • Automatic Edge Correction/ Edge Positioning Control (EPC)
  • Automatic Punch & Hot Handle
  • PLC Control
  • Ultrasonic for maintaining Export Quality Products.

You may refer to individual machinery details enlisted on the main page for more insight on the specific machine and which will suit you the best as a stock dealer or as an end-user.

  • Paper Bag Making Machines – Packaging Machinery

Depending upon the variations in storage sizes, usage, type of material and requirements, we have different fully automatic Paper Bag Making Pckaging Machinery available which can be used for designing export quality Paper Bags for Grocery and factory needs.

They use Paper Product as the general/raw material and deliver high class paper product – obviously backed with our prestigious end-user supporting advices and after-sale services.

Jiashanghe Bag Making Machines Suppliers – Pre & After-Sale Services

  • Packaging Machines Selection Advisors

We proudly present our Bag Making Machines advising team which have 10 years of experience in the flexible packaging machinery industry. This team is purely meant to support and provide advisory service to importers and end-users who want to dig deeper into buying.

Our Bag Making Machines advising team will inquire all about your raw materials, required functions, scenarios and the circumstances under which the Bag Making Machines will be operated and so they will advise the accurate and logical model of machine suitable for you to buy – removing a great burden off your head!

  • Third-Party Testing Agency

Little might you know that there have been very few such firms that provide a third-party testing agency tests of their machines before they are sold out.

Prestigiously, Jiashanghe Bag Making Machines firm is also one of the very few companies which provide a third-party testing agency to take BV Tests of your machinery before they are sold to you.

This agency has no direct link to us and hence our clients have always been satisfied with the BV Tests results versus the actual results of our machinery after it is sold.

After Sale Services

Ever since Jiashanghe Packaging machinery has been brought into the business world, we have made client’s satisfaction our very first priority.

We try to create the best possible connection with our clients by connecting from Social Media up to the email or website contact. Specifically, we will love to hear from you and very effectively respond to you if:

  • You see our articles on Social Media and send an inquiry
  • You leave a message after visiting our website
  • Your existing supplier stops cooperation and you want to find a new one
  • You are facing troubles selecting the packaging machinery
  • You want replacement of wearable parts of Packaging machinery
  • You experience faults in product quality or machinery

So in a nutshell, we would love to hear from you either be it a review or a critical comment, a request or a complaint; we have always been at a key stroke distance from our clients and have never failed any until yet!

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