Printing Machine


Gravure printing machine:

This machine is suitable for multi-color continuous printing of roll-in cylindrical materials with excellent printing performance such as cellophane, BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, nylon, aluminum foil and paper. It is widely used in various high-grade prints.


The main parameters :

Machine direction: From left to right (unwinding to winding)

Printing color: 8 colors

Maximum material width: 1100mm

Maximum printing width: 1100mm

Guide roller effective length: 1200mm

Maximum mechanical speed: 250m/min

The highest printing speed: 220m / min (plate roll diameter ≥Φ170mm) speed when printing paper ≤ 150m / min

Unwinding diameter: Φ1000mm

Winding diameter: Φ1000mm

Paper core specifications : φ92mm

Minimum effective roll change diameter: Φ200mm

Rewinding and unwinding mechanism: external bidirectional rotary double-axis duplex station

Wall panel thickness: 75mm

Wall panel width: 500mm

Color group spacing: 1600mm

Plate diameter: Φ120mm~Φ300mm

Plate width: 700~1200mm


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