Printing Machine


Gravure press:


HFA series gravure printing machine takes the lead in using advanced seven kinds of motor tension control system. The tension automatic coiling process is controlled centrally by PLC and human-machine interface. Dynamic and still picture system for the user alternative. The machine has excellent rigidity and working stability, exquisite structure, beautiful shape, suitable for all kinds of film material gravure printing.




Technical parameters:


Machine dimensions: 18405mm*3025mm*4490mm


Winding frame: external type


Maximum printing width: 1050mm


Maximum mechanical speed: 220m/min


The biggest printing speed: 200 m/min (≧ Φ 170 mm in diameter)


Plate width: 850mm~1150mm


Plate diameter: 120 mm Φ ∽ Φ 300 mm


Tension accuracy: ±0.2kg


Machine power (excluding heating) : about 75 KW


Rolling diameter: biggest Ø 800


Adjustment range of inflation axis: ±20mm


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