Paper bag making machine


Properties and uses:

This machine is mainly used for making different kind of food paper bag and no-standard paper bag with M side and flat bottom .

It is with advantages of fast speed,stable performance,easy operation and can also save labor cost in a great it is an ideal equipment for most paper bag factories to choose.

 Technical Parameters

1、Paper Gram Weight (g/㎡):40-80

2、Bag length (mm) :130-400

3、Bag Width(mm):80-240

4、Bag Side Width(mm):20-100

5、Paper Roll Width (mm) :100-700

6、Maximum Paper Roll Width (mm) :1000


8、Total Power (kw) :Approx.15

9、Machine Weight (Ton) :4

10、Machine Dimension (L*W*H) :8000*1800*1700mm


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