Paper bag making machine


Properties and uses:

This machine is built to make shopping bags or food bags with paper rolls, paper can be pre-printed. Machine is equipped with a photocell device. This machine features a continuous function of automatic paper feeding, gluing, creasing, bottom-sticking and bag forming at a stroke. This is ideal equipment for making paper bag for grocery, loading foods, sugar, flour and so on.

Technical Parameter:

Paper Roll Width (mm):   280-640

Maximum Paper Roll Width (mm):  1000

Paper Gram Weight (g/㎡) : 60-120

Bag tube length (mm) :170-370

Bag Width (mm):  80-200

Bag Bottom Width (mm):  50-110

Speed (bag/min.):   80-190

Total Power (kw):  10

Machine Weight (Ton) : 6.5

Machine Dimension (L*W*H):   7000*1800*1900mm



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