Non-Woven machine


Product profile:

This machine can process all kinds of different specifications, different types of non-woven bag, flat pocket, pocket, vest pocket, rope bag and three-dimensional bag, etc. This machine USES LCD touch screen operation. Equipped with progressive length determination, automatic feeding, photoelectric tracking, computer automatic positioning, computer automatic edge correction, no material automatic stop, accurate, stable, automatic counting, can be set counting alarm, automatic punching, automatic hot handle and other industrial control devices, so that the production of finished products sealing line firm, beautiful tangent. High efficiency, you can rest assured that the application of high quality environmental protection bag – making equipment.




It adopts the PLC programmable logic controller as main control, touch screen. (Made in Taiwan)

Unwinding tension is controlled by magnetic system.

Edge positioning control system (EPC).

Equipped with photoelectric tracking material, stopping automatically when the material is finished.

Stepping motor for feeding material (YASKAWA servo motor EXTRA cost ) for your choice.

Photoelectrical eyes for tracking printed bag and the feeding error.

Vector inverter as speed regulator.

Ultrasonic for cross sealing for export standard quality(Taiwan Mingyou)


Technical Parameter:

Unwinding length: 1600mm Max.

diameter of unwinding: 800mm Max.

diameter of rewinding:800mm

Slitting size: minimum 30mm

Speed: 20—80m/minute

Total power: 2.2kw

Weight: 1000kg

Overall dimension (l*w*h):2500mm*1800*1200mm


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