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This machine is the most advanced nonwoven fabric crosscutting machine. , the fastest speed of ironing up to 60 / min, dedicated to the non-woven sheet material cutting, cutting at the same time automatic welding on the hand-held, mainly for non-woven manual sewing bags, wine bags, gift bags, greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency, save cost, is the best machine for cutting the piece ironing.




1. This machine adopts computer control system, step motor control for cutting, photoelectric tracking, automatic deviation correction, no material alarm, host frequency conversion, tension control, ultrasonic welding, etc

2. After folding, the machine passes through two ironing machines to weld the two hands and cut them out.

3. Cutting parts, using high quality cutting tools, wear-resistant, durable, products cut neatly, flat.

4. The machine operation is simple, intuitive and easy to operate, – individuals can complete all procedures, fewer people, save labor.

5. Equipment installation and debugging is convenient and fast.

6. The machine cutting speed in 20-60 or so, can be cut width 1 m 1.2 m non – woven material.

7. Process flow: fold the edge of the feeding material — cut pieces of ultrasonic welding strip to count the finished products.



Main technical parameters:


Discharge width: 1150 mm

Maximum slice width: 600 mm

Maximum bag making speed: 50-60pcs / Min

Non-woven fabric specification: 50-150gsm

Total Power: 13KW

Dimensions: 5000 mm * 3500 mm * 2000 mm



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