Non-Woven machine


Full automatic three-dimensional iron handle non-woven bag-making machine

This machine is one of the high-grade non-woven bag-making machines. It can automatically weld the handle when making bags. The speed of ironing handle is as high as 30-75 / Min, which is equivalent to 5 sets of ironing machines and 5 workers’speed of ironing handle. The machine is integrated with mechanical and electrical equipment. It is operated by LCD touch screen, equipped with step-by-step cloth fixed length, photoelectric tracking, automatic positioning by computer, automatic edge correction by computer, accurate, stable and self-counting, then the technical alarm can be set and automatic punching can be done Automatic hot handle and other industrial control devices, so that the finished products produced by the firm sealing line, cut-line beauty, can produce handbags, flat pockets, vest bags, rope-wearing bags, etc. , has been widely used in clothing, footwear, wine, gifts and other packaging, greatly reducing labor, the utility model reduces the manufacturing cost and replaces the traditional manual sewing belt

Main technical parameters:

Scalding speed: 20-75pcs / Min

Bag Width: 100-800mm

Bag making length: 200-600mm

Bag Thickness: 30-120G

Total Power: 18KW

Dimensions: 10300 mm * 2000 mm * 2100 mm



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