Bag making machine



The machine is a multi-functional, high quality, effective heat sealing and bag making equipment. This machine has strong applicability, adopts PLC control, its automation degree is high, the operation is simple, the adjustment is convenient, the positioning precision is high, the feeding is stable, has the automatic temperature control, the automatic counting, the high position stop, the photoelectric tracking, the discharging deviation correction, to the number alarm, the color standard loses the stop and the alarm and so on function. Suitable for making all kinds of hot card head bags and kimono bags.


Technical parameters :

Material: HDPE,LDPE, etc

Unwinding Max width: 800mm

Max diameter: 600mm

Bag making speed : ≤45m/min- 150pcs/min(depending on bag thickness and width)

Bag making length: ≤600mm

Bag making width : 55-600mm

Voltage : 220V/380V

Total power : 8KW

Dimension and weight: 8500*2550*1950 mm,2600Kg


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