Bag making machine



It is a fully automatic bag making machine, especially in vest bag making. It works together with an automatic puncher. The machine is high speed, fully automatic, nice in perfomance. It can automatically feed, seal, cut and punch vest shape.


1.The cutting knife adopts spring minitrim installation,which make is easy for adjusting

clearance between the above and the below cutter knife while manufactrue products with

various thickness.

2.The seal blade may be adjusted conveniently and be wholly overturn by 180

degree,which make it convenient for cleaning and replacing adhesive plaster.

3.Adopt digitize electric,matched with high-precise and high quality mechanical parts,fix

length at will,so as to reach the purpose of high speed,saving energy and durability.

4.Synchronous seal and cold cut,no pull feeding,firm back cover.

5.Adopt high quality magic eyes tracing system for tracking the print bags


Technical parameters:

Max bag width( blank) :400mm *4

Max bag width( color) :400mm*2

Bag length :350-600mm

Error of length :±0.5mm

Film thickness: 0.05-0.10mm

Max speed :120pcs/min X4

Gross power :220V 15KW

External dimension :6000× 1500×1850mm

weight 1700KG



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