How to solve the length error of bag making machine in bag making process

The length of bag-making can be divided into mechanical length fixing system and electrical length fixing system. If the linkage or coordination produces error, it will cause the size deviation related to the bag-making length.

The reasons for the inaccurate photoelectric tracking are as follows:

(1)Electric eye problem: photoelectric eye adjustment method and working state selection is not appropriate.

First of all, it is necessary to confirm whether the electric eye is properly adjusted and whether the reflection and transmission of the electric eye are correct.

The second is to confirm whether the front control or the back control, which is called polarity,

Finally, we need to confirm the tracking mode, such as: scanning type (that is, the first walk fixed length, then scan color standard), fixed length check position type (that is, after walking fixed length check whether the color standard, is over or not in place).

(2) cursor printing or spacing problems

A. The design of the cursor is unreasonable, the available scanning area is too narrow, and the contrast between the cursor and the surrounding area is not obvious.

B. Cursor spacing changes.

A method of detecting if a hardware failure is in the control system:

The diagnosis function is found in the processing interface. The input display interface can display the signal about the machine, and the output interface can directly operate which output action, so that the machine fault can be quickly determined and solved

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