How to run the paper bag machine need to pay attention to the problem

1:  feeding and dragging materials keep stable:

The swing roll of feeding should not be too high or too low. If it is too high or too low, it will cause the jitter of the material in the process of operation, which will lead to the inaccurate tracking of the color standard photoelectric eye, and the error of the length of the bag produced, which will lead to the need to adjust the pressure of the pressure roller before and after the feeding frame.

2: temperature setting

If the temperature is too high, the product will be wrinkled and affect the photoelectric tracking, resulting in different bag lengths. At first, the photoelectric sensitivity can be increased, and then the sensitivity can be reduced after the temperature is stable, so as not to fail in tracking.

According to the different products (material performance, thickness and packaging products) to choose the appropriate temperature.

The pressure gap of the Scalding knife should be about 1.5 mm in general, especially in the high-speed operation of the Scalding knife gap requirements should not be too large otherwise it will affect the stability of the tow material.

If the width of sealing welding is large and the gap cannot be reduced, the only solution is to reduce the feed ratio in the computer or speed up the pulling speed.

If the bag length is long and double delivery is not used, it is the most effective method when the bag length cannot reach the set bag length.

3: adjust products

Operate in the middle of the press roller to adjust the balance between the left and right gaps of the press roller and timely remove the residual garbage and dirt and edge material on the cots to ensure the same gap between the left and right gaps of the press roller. This can avoid the situation that the pressure of the cots is not adjusted in place and the roller is unbalanced for a long time.

4: abnormal sound is produced in the process of material operation

First of all, the problem of mechanical part should be excluded. The sound generated after acceleration may appear in the phenomenon of too low Scalding knife or too loose hot cloth rolled up, low speed setting, too small tension between two cots, too large tension of feeding, and improper speed setting of the motor for drawing, which may easily cause the phenomenon of motor load not matching the speed of the host machine

The tension between the two cots is too small, the material will be stretched tight, at this time the motor load is also increased, the inertia will bring noise when the start and stop.

5: keep the material on the same level

The height of the scalding knife  should be kept in the same straight line. The pressure of bottom seal and the height of bottom scalding knife should be consistent. Side seal the pressure of multiple irons on both sides to maintain the same; Edge seal the height of multiple bottom scalding knife to maintain the same height. If the material is different, the swing of the raw materials and the width of sealing welding will be different, which will have a great impact on the flatness of the bag.

6: material in the process of running exhaust

Residual air in the material will cause the overall deformation of the bag, affect the normal operation of the material and there will be a certain amount of sound. The relevant battens need to be properly compressed. The other side of the hot cloth seal do not cause adhesion with the material, scalding knife so as not to create additional resistance.

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