How to adjust the bag making machine during the production process?

The bag making machine is an important machine for producing packaging bags in the packaging industry and has various production uses in various fields. It is very important to adjust the machine during the production process of the bag making machine, which is the core of the machine throughout the process.

1: It is necessary to see the specifications and types of products (such as edge seals, middle seals), slit positions, heat sealing line positions, heat sealing line specifications and other requirements.

2: To replace parts by product type,

3: If it is a middle envelope: replace the iron plate according to the width of the product (the width of the iron plate is generally 2 to 3 cm less than the width of the product)

4: The heat sealing line specification replaces the heat sealing die, and the feeding, the making and the heating are adjusted according to the thickness of the material and the melting point.

5: Need to press the bag specifications

6: Adjust the cutting position of the product to the position of the cutter, and then adjust the position of the heat sealing die according to the position of the product heat sealing line.

7: Adjust the sensitivity of the photoelectric according to the brightness of the product pattern color.

8: During the bag making process, always check whether the heat sealing temperature of the product is moderate (the temperature is too hot, the bag is wrinkled, the temperature is too low, and the bag is not hot)

9: Always check the product specifications, heat sealing position, heat sealing line specifications, and the cutting position to meet the requirements.

Be sure to use a reliable bag making machine. With excellent equipment, you can produce qualified products quickly and well.

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